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Engine Service & Repair

Is your car’s check engine light on? Our team of factory trained service technicians at Galpin Volvo can help diagnose any problems with your vehicle’s engine. If the check engine light is on, you should bring your vehicle in for service as soon as possible.
The OBD II system that monitors your vehicle will detect if anything is wrong, from a loose fuel cap to a more serious problem with the engine or emissions system. The engine is the heart of your car, and it is important to keep it maintained to avoid any issues.

We can perform any type of engine service, including replacement of the air filter, spark plugs, sensors, head gasket and much more. You can view what services are recommended for you vehicle in your owner’s manual and have your vehicle checked by our technicians.

Galpin Volvo Checklist Engine

Questions? Ask Our Technicians!

Browse our FAQ below, or call (818) 922-3678 and we’ll do our best to respond to your questions and concerns regarding automotive needs.

A solid check engine light means there is something wrong with the vehicle that should be checked as soon as possible. A flashing check engine light means the car should be shut off and serviced immediately.
If the issue was just fixed, the check engine light will likely go out on its own. If it does not go off, you can bring it back in to Galpin Volvo and our technicians will diagnose the issue.
If your vehicle is not running properly you should bring it in to be serviced even if the check engine light is not on. Our service technicians can diagnose what the problem is.